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You are That

Post by nbuster on Tue Feb 23, 2016 10:18 am

You are that.

The teacher was once the student and has had to learn this for herself before she can pass the wisdom on to her student.

It blends the connection between teacher and student so that the teacher doesn’t become “guru”. If the teacher is telling the student that she is part of everything, then that means she and the teacher are the same.

In dealing with clients who have special needs, they are sometimes wrapped up in their particular issue and can only see themselves as that issue. For example: a cancer patient who only defines herself as a “cancer survivor” and clings tightly to that label, or a cancer patient who feels that her body has betrayed her and turned against her by allowing the cancer to manifest. We as teachers can help lead the student to seeing that she is much more than just the sum of illnesses. She is part of the greater collective conscience and it is our duty to lead her towards that realization.

It can also happen that the teacher is afraid of the clients she is serving. Perhaps she is afraid of hurting them, or can see only their limitations and things that need to be “fixed”. By realizing herself that both she and her student are part of the collective consciousness, she can stop seeing the student as the “other” and treat them with more humility and grace.


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